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Photo: Alisha Love

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Location: LONDON
Joseph Connolly was born and raised in a small Cambridgeshire town within a family of strong Irish Roma roots. The town being multi lingual with various nationalities Joseph took it upon himself to learn the Lithuanian language and now is able to communicate fluently with the Lithuanian people. Although happy in the place he grew up Joseph new that his mind and soul would be stretched in a different environment so decided to take up an offer from UWL to study acting. He excelled in this and was rewarded with a First Class degree in Acting for Stage and Media. As well as acting Joseph is also an avid writer, he has performed extracts of his written works in various theaters across London, such as The Soho theater. Joseph is a member of the National Youth Theater of Great Britain and also undertook the role of assistant director for the National Youth Theaters summer intake course enabling him to pass on his love of theater and acting to young people from across the country
Joseph Connolly (client reference: DBT-00130-JC)

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