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"My son has only been with the agency a couple of weeks but so far I am so impressed... we have had more communication over the past two weeks than I have had in two years with our previous agent!!! Everyone is very committed and extremely diligent.. emails are answered quickly and I love receiving the submissions list every Friday! Dee Boss is an absolute breath of fresh air in this industry and i love all the help and advice we are given! Couldn’t be happier ?????? Thank you to all at Dee Boss ????"
— Jayne howell (Hertfordshire) 28/02/2020

"Archie is very happy with DeeBoss. He loved the environment and can’t wait for his first audition."
— Sophie Berry (SURREY) 09/02/2020

"Dee and her team are simply wonderful. They work incredibly hard for their clients and I feel so lucky to be a part of this team. I dont have experience of other agents with which to compare, but my industry friends seem quite jealous when I tell them about how Dee operates! "
— Tabitha Wild (Brighton) 21/01/2020

"An amazing agency. The team are lovely, and incredibly helpful, and we all are truly one, big, supportive family!"
— Jigyasa Anand (London) 28/01/2019

"A brilliant professional agency with a modern outlook. The guys at Dee Boss go the extra mile for you and keep you in the loop all of the way. Simply The Best"
— Stuart Falconer (Glasgow) 10/01/2019

"I would recommend them 100%. They really care about their clients & treat you like an individual, not just a number. It`s like a big family. They all go above & beyond. I couldn`t be happier with them ????"
— Alice J Crouch (Brighton) 02/12/2018

"A fantastic Agency and brilliant staff. I feel very fortunate to be with this very hardworking, very supportive, very friendly agency."
— Suzanne Fearn (Brighton) 02/12/2018

"Only been joined with them for a short time but very responsive at replying and staying in contact with there clients.I can’t wait to get started!"
— Gracie Baldwin (Mandy Network Review) 01/12/2018

"Unfortunately I couldn’t meet Dee so sent my daughter with my mum who is hard to please but both come home saying how lovely and friendly Dee is. They put up with me and my lack of knowledge with technology. Come back straight away to the many questions I have. And my daughter is loving the fact that only being with Dee a couple of weeks she’s been put forward for 2 things. Thanks Dee and Tracey your both fantastic x"
— Kerry Thrush (Facebook review) 15/10/2018

"Extremely efficient and helpful agency with a welcoming family like feel. So happy with their representationand would highly recommend."
— Lily Stanley (Mandy Network Review) 15/10/2018

"Team DB have been amazing! Thanks so much for everything and we would definitely recommend :D"
— Camilla Boarman Powell (Mandy Network Review) 15/10/2018

"DeeBoss Talent Management is a wonderful, friendly, caring and nurturing agency. I couldn`t recommend them more highly!"
— Finbar Taylor-Jones (Mandy Network Review) 15/10/2018

"I am new to Dee Boss as at June 20th, They are a family run business who came highly recommended. I was given a casting opportunity in my first week of joining them!"
— Konstanza Firth-Radford (Mandy Network Review) 15/10/2018

"Great communication"
— Cora Payne and Family (Mandy Network Review) 15/10/2018

"Excellent agency they are all lovely"
— Olivia-Rose Bonsall and Family (Mandy Network Review) 15/10/2018

"My son has been with Dee Boss Talent Management for 1 year now, the whole team are the loveliest most hardworking people I’ve ever met. I’m so glad we decided to join, I just can’t thank them enough for everything they do!"
— Maria Middleton (Facebook review) 09/09/2018

"Very professional & friendly"
— Maria Marta Lobue (Facebook review) 09/09/2018

"A very caring and understanding agency after my recent illness. Thank you Dee Boss for your understanding and compassion"
— Stuart Falconer (Glasgow) 22/08/2018

— liam (payne) 22/06/2018

"Just the best thing that has happened to me for some time ."
— Jennifer Marriott (Mandy Network Review) 17/06/2018

"Very very friendly and personable. Highly recommended."
— Suzanne Fearn (Mandy Network Review) 17/06/2018

"Have been with Dee Boss since September 2017, I have had over 200 submissions . I have been allowed to mature as an actor/model and my confidence has grown 100 fold. Dee Boss is very supportive as are all the members. TeamDB ROCK thanks guys. "
— Toby Sauerback (Bucks) 05/06/2018

"Have only been with Dee Boss for a few weeks but in that time they have put me up for over 50 castings and I really feel part of something exciting. They are such a hard working agency and I feel very supported by the whole DB community. Let`s do this Team DB. "
— Corinne Strickett (Hampshire) 14/05/2018

"Thanks for having me on your books and for all your help and advice, and hard work to get me submissions !"
— Tiggy Manning (Worcestershire) 10/05/2018

"so excited to be part of dee boss talent.we just join them in April.they are great..keep up to good work team DB."
— elif celik (London) 26/04/2018

"What a fantastic experience me and my son have had so far from the Dashboard that keeps us up to date, the castings, the jobs, the helpful workshops and the continued support. Keep up the good work Team DB. "
— Steph Wright (Derbyshire) 08/03/2018

"Well just to add a small note that I am impressed with how this agency operates and how they connect to the rest of the industry and by bringing you into it all is just simply awesome. Keep going forwards DeeBoss! "
— Christian Davidson (Hertfordshire) 07/03/2018

"So excited to be a part of dee boss talent management. Thank you for having me, such an ambitious, hard working team"
— Trica Sammy Rose (Facebook review) 04/03/2018

"My son has been with Dee Boss and Tracy @ Dee Boss since January. The agency is transparent it`s great. You are informed with everything. I get very anxious as still lots new to me. I always have questions to ask . The team are so reassuring and certainly put you at ease Nothing`s ever a problem. Always happy to help. Go TEAM DEE BOSS AND CO"
— Jane Nolan (Facebook review) 04/03/2018

"Dee has managed to create such a personable relationship with her clients and also shows she takes pride in her role as a representational agent. She manages to balance her sheer ambition to continuously substantiate her clients with a supportive, nurturing nature!"
— Bradley Walker (London) 03/03/2018

"Fantastic agent,constantly on the lookout for work that suits me , very supportive and friendly and has the best intentions to help me succeed as an actor !"
— Taylor Ford Wallace (Lancashire) 03/03/2018

"Dee Boss Talent Management is a great agency. They have an amazing dashboard that allows to you keep up with daily activity so you are always in the know. The people that work there are phenomenal. Hardest, most professional and nicest in the industry!!"
— Roman Fiori (London) 03/03/2018

"Great meeting you and looking forward to a interesting year"
— Paul Riley (Hertfordshire) 03/03/2018

"A really friendly yet professional agency who have your best interests at heart. They work really hard to provide you with the best opportunities you need."
— Daniella Mordi (London) 03/03/2018

"Thrilled to be working with Dee Boss Talent Management"
— Ethan Riley (Hertfordshire) 03/03/2018

"Great agency."
— Flynn Riley (Hertfordshire) 03/03/2018

"Hardworking and personable, nothing is too much trouble!"
— Emily Doszczeczko (North) 03/03/2018

"Amazing agent always in touch and lots of support"
— Jack Varley (Manchester) 03/03/2018

"Kiera has only been with Dee Boss for a short time and so far we`re impressed. This is the first agency Kiera has been with and they are very supportive. I would highly recommend them."
— Kiera Thompson (London) 03/03/2018

"Great agent, they really work hard to find you the best jobs and look after their clients with lots of communication."
— Jazmin Watts (London) 03/03/2018

"I`ve only just signed with Dee Boss Talent - but so far, have been very impressed. Great communication and I`ve already been put forward for a number of great jobs."
— Edward Barrow (Kent) 03/03/2018

"I`ve just joined Dee Boss Talent, but really impressed so far - very friendly and excellent communication."
— Stephanie Barrow (Kent) 03/03/2018

"I have only recently Dee Boss Talent Management. Already I have been submitted for seven castings. I have found Dee to be caring, supportive and has a clear view of the kind of actor I am. "
— Daniel Brown (Brighton) 20/01/2018

"A hard-working and nurturing agency that will take care of you as a person as well as an actor. Open, direct and honest. Would recommend to anyone wanting a partnership built upon trust, friendliness and ambition. "
— Vee Tames (Essex) 14/01/2018

"A very good agent"
— David Pilgrim (Mandy Network Review) 17/12/2017

"Excellent, professional, caring and very supportive"
— Lynda Lim aka Zhang (Mandy Network Review) 17/12/2017

"I`ve been with DEE BOSS for only a few months. I arrived from Spain and at all times since my arrival in the country, they have not stopped worrying about me and my well-being. They have advised me and have even helped in the search of the apartment. They have given me important jobs in a very short time. They have given me an average of 100 projector per month. Sometimes there is casting and sometimes not, but that does not depend directly on them. They have made sure that I know a lot of casting directors and that I have good material (photos, videos). the agency is fantastic, close and friendly and is always there for what you need in your career. Dee and Tracey are two great professionals and do not hesitate to recommend you, support you and find what best suits your needs. They are available almost 24/7. For me, they are great professionals, friends and family. Thank you."
— Karlos Klaumannsmoller (London - Spain) 27/11/2017

"Dee and Tracey are both really hard working, very friendly. When I email them, I get an answer straight away with lots of help and support."
— Sandra Dultev (Mandy Network Review) 17/11/2017

"An agency that really works hard for their clients! Very good at communicating with us ! Professional and friendly, once you joined, you’re part of team , part of the family! Thank you Dee & Tracey !"
— Greta Dana (Mum of AJ) (Facebook review) 07/11/2017

"Incredibly helpful with updating me with submissions and any other information I should be made aware of. Such lovely ladies to work with!"
— Jack Frank (Mandy Network Review) 06/11/2017

"When I had my meeting with Dee and Tracy they made me feel really at ease and I felt like I was chatting with friends. They have already submitted me for three jobs and I was only signed recently. I`m really excited about the future and working with Dee and Tracy. They really understand who you are and where you would like to be."
— Susie Wilcox (Mandy Network Review) 06/11/2017

"Since being signed by Dee Boss they work very hard for every one. I could not ask for a better agent. TeamDB"
— Toby Sauerback (Marlow) 06/11/2017

"new to the agency but very impressed with all the help and support I have received with getting set up"
— Renae Johnson (Mandy Network Review) 09/10/2017

"Very helpful! Great agency to join. You feel part of the team."
— Isabella Gibson (Mandy Network Review) 09/10/2017

"Dee is a great person who genuinely has your best interests as an actor at heart. She has been in and around the industry for many years and has built up a wealth of contacts"
— Louis Paterson (Mandy Network Review) 09/10/2017

"I am so happy to be asked to join Dee Boss Talent Management. Meeting today, I was really impressed with the enthusiasm, professionalism and energy of Dee and Tracey. I look forward to an exciting time."
— Saul Reichlin (Facebook review) 09/10/2017

"Dee and Tracey are extremely hard working, friendly and approachable. I`m one of those annoying Mummy`s who always has a million questions or worries and they are always at the end of the phone or email putting my mind at rest. It`s always appreciated. Thank you both xxx"
— Bea Robinson (Facebook review) 09/10/2017

"Am loving the fact that you get a list of all projects that you are put forward for. My daughter didn`t get this previously. Thank you xx"
— Jackie Geoghegan (Facebook review) 09/10/2017

"So impressed with this agency. I only signed up a couple of days ago and already I have been put up for various castings and got a place on an exclusive workshop run by a casting director. Highly recommended! "
— Murray Hecht (Brighton) 03/10/2017

"Very helpful, provides great direction."
— Fatima & Nadia (Surrey) 03/09/2017

"Pleasure to have Dee representing me. Extremely hardworkers and they get to know you on a personal level which i feel seperates the good from the not so good. Cant reccomend them enough.."
— Anthony Reddy (London) 19/08/2017

"i believe Dee boss talent management are fantastic with the guidance this year iv learnt so much more and they are moving me in the right steps to achieving what I want. They are good at there job and they get the best out of there clients."
— Damian Anthony Verguson (London) 10/08/2017

"Dee Boss Talent Management ...A new agent with warmth & a wonderfully zesty fresh approach joins the scene. Dee has years of contacts, an abundance of experience & as a parent I`ve very much welcomed her fresh nurturing element. My daughter Lola and I are very much looking forward to joining Dee in her launch year for a journey of hard work ,determination to arrive at destination fun!"
— Louise and Lola (Wokingham) 28/06/2017

"Fantastic Agent! Got a casting for a feature film within the first 2 weeks of signing up with them! Really gets to know the client. You won`t just be sitting on their books!!"
— Tia Watts (London) 28/06/2017

"A new and vibrant talent agency."
— Pierse Stevens (Kent) 15/06/2017

"Dee is an agent who uses her wide knowledge of the industry to fit people to the jobs, and jobs to the people. She has a down to earth approach which is professional, friendly and encouraging. Specialises in sensible advice and understands where her clients are coming from"
— William Jeremy (Kent) 15/06/2017

"I was recommended to Dee by a colleague i meet on set.. She is a great lady, always on my case (as she should be) and loads of fun to talk to"
— Stephen Hall (Sunbury-on-Thames) 15/06/2017

"I am very impressed was put forward for 2 castings in about a day of joining and they are very professional and friendly, I am very grateful to them."
— Andrea Sandell (Brentwood) 15/06/2017

"This agency are very understanding and reassuring, Dee is very kind and seems very passionate about her work which is inspiring and most definitely reassuring"
— Ryan Lee (Buckinghamshire) 15/06/2017

"Very friendly and helpful and has put me through for many castings"
— David Biscoe (Essex) 15/06/2017

"A very hands on and very supportive agency. I am very pleased with all the agents, Dee and Tracey who are personable constantly in our corner and offering great advice and guidance to everybody on their books. #DeebossFam"
— Comfort Babirye (London) 15/06/2017

"A super agency. My son joined recently & we couldn`t be more pleased. Dee & Tracey are just lovely. They both work very hard on behalf of all of their clients, and are friendly, reliable and are always in contact with you. We feel very fortunate to be a part of Team DB, there is a real close knit, family feel to the agency, which we love. This agency is one to watch!"
— Caroline (Leicestershire) 16/05/2017

"My three children joined Dee and her wonderful agency in December. I cannot give enough praise to her and Tracey for all the hard work and commitment they show to their actors/models. A unique agency which is friendly, always available and on hand to help, assist and guide you! My children have all had jobs and numerous castings. Thank you Dee & Tracey ??"
— Taira Darling (London) 11/05/2017

"I have been represented by Dee Boss for a few weeks now, and they are great!!! I have had lots of auditions and self tapes, and have an acting workshop coming up too (organised by Dee Boss). They are so friendly, professional and kind, and they always keep you in the know! "
— Samantha (Essex) 09/05/2017

"I have two young daughters registered with Dee Boss Talent Management. I am new to the industry and it has been a huge learning curve. Dee and Tracey are always at the other end of the phone (or email) and no question is too silly. The agency has a small feel about it even though her client base is growing. The main plus point for this wonderful agency is the communication is second to none. You can see at any point which jobs the girls have been submitted to and they are very active on social media, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. I moved one of my girls from a different agency as their communication was poor. Have only good things to say about this wonderful agency. Dee and Tracey work incredibly hard on their clients behalf. There is a lovely #TeamDB feel and we wish everyone well for castings and want confirmations so that this agency will continue to thrive, prosper and grow! "
— Michelle Bradfield (Frome) 08/05/2017

"I recently joined TeamDB but I can definitely say they work so hard to get us jobs. Not only that, but I am always in the know of my submissions and the support I have is amazing! Thank you ! "
— AJ (London) 08/05/2017

"My 3 children have been registered with Dee Boss Talent Management for a few months now and they have had numerous castings. I find them friendly and very helpful with advice which is great, especially for parents with children new to the industry."
— Mrs R Goodchild (Buckinghamshire) 06/05/2017