Photo: DAJA Photography

Photo: DAJA Photography

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Georgina Thompson is a trained British Actress living North of London. She graduated in 2017 with a First Class Honours Degree in Performance and since then has been working hard as a professional Actress whilst taking opportunities to travel experiencing different cultures. Georgina discovered her passion for Acting at a very young age after realising she could transform herself into different characters on stage capturing audience’s attention. Georgina has taken on as a variety of roles but feels incredibly strong when she is devising and creating theatre or performing on stage in front of audiences. Previous Directors have described her as ‘a delight to work with very hardworking and enthusiastic. Her energy is infectious and she is determined to achieve the best.’ Her bubbly personality and friendly nature makes working alongside her a joy. As she grows with each new experience, her aspirations are to continue and build upon the excellent start she’s had to her career. She hopes to work all mediums including; TV, Film, TIE, Commercials, Voiceovers, but has a particular interest in Theatre. She is excited to see what this year holds for her.
Georgina Thompson (talent reference: DBT-00707-GT)

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