Photo: Justine Kirby

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Photo: Justine Kirby

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Born In Glasgow, at age 7 my family immigrated to Israel, where I grew up, and as all residents completed army training, national service for 2 years. After my service I attended acclaimed actor Sharon Alexander`s workshop and then was accepted into Tel-Aviv`s top drama school of Beit-Zvi. Thereafter I chose to travel solo and backpack around south east asia, in that time I met my husband who is from Japan and we settled in the U.K. It was always a dream to study in London and I was acceped into ALRA (Acadamy of Live and Performing Arts) completed a one year post graduate course. My first role was a lead in the frindge production written by Stephanie Sinclair titled `Dancing with The Devil` which ran at the Kings Head Theatre. in the years since my work has been combining raising a family with workimng with children early years and primary age, comleting a BA in child development and using both skills to create performances based on childrens interesets. In the last few years I have been bradcasting with SHR and my show `Around the World in Music` was sponsered by SONGLINES Magazine. More recently performed in Yasmina Sole`s musical christmas play `A Christams Dream` which was Musicaly directed by Ken Burtun and Directed by Tony Bright which led to the play being recorded as a radio play for the season. Currently I continue my work with children with Autism, film, theatre, science presenting and voice over. This is but a snippet of what I have to share, my life experiances which includes, army service, war, culture, language, poverty, homlessness, beaurocracy at its harshest, climbing to something from nothing are moments that only drives my creativity, enhances my ability to empathize with others and potrey charachters with deep understanding of the human condition.
Gillian Fischer (talent reference: DBT-01142-GF)
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